Problem with KVM in android studio

For those, who have worked with AndroidStudio, or were horrendous at handling things, must have some time or other experienced the KVM problem , with the irritating warning message showing again and again when you try to launch your AVD.


As it clearly specifies, that KVM is missing from the system. So , we need to install it separately. Honestly, after procrastinating about 15 minutes on the web ,I found the solution to the problem as 

  • * Firstly, install cpu-checker on your system:

    sudo apt-get install cpu-checker

  • * Next, install the kvm as:        

    sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm  

  • *Now,check for :

           sudo kvm-ok

  • *If ,  

                “INFO: Your CPU supports KVM extensions
                         KVM acceleration can be used”  

     then, the problem is solved and you can celebrate now.

  • *But if, 

    “INFO: KVM is disabled by your BIOS
HINT: Enter your BIOS setup and enable Virtualization Technology (VT),  and then hard power off/power on your system
KVM acceleration can NOT be used” 

then You need to go to BIOS setup and enable the VT.

  • *For that, power OFF your system, then as soon as you power ON, pressing F2 continuously(as in my case, may differ for other system)  will guide towards the BIOS setup,

    change the setting of VT to enabled, save it, and boot in.


  • *Now, open the terminal, and type in : sudo kvm-ok

It’ll show,   INFO: /dev/kvm exists
                 KVM acceleration can be used

The problem is being rectified, enjoy the emulator!!!!!


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