How to install PlayonLinux in Debian

PlayonLinux is a piece of software which allows you to easily install and use numerous games and apps designed to run with Windows on Linux.

It proves to be a very handy tool when comes when it comes to use softwares or to play games on our favorite OS. Linux ❤

Lets install PlayonLinux today !

Since PlayOnLinux relies on Wine, we must have Wine installed on our system first. So lets install wine first. Its pretty easy.

  • If you are on 64-bit system: (Note: This is for Debian users)

$ sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install wine-bin:i386

  • For 32-bit system:

$ sudo apt-get install wine

Awesome, we now have wine ready 😉

So, now head to install playonlinux:

$ sudo apt-get install playonlinux

But sometimes, we get an error like I got (PS: Sorry, I forgot to take the screen shot) as :

Note: You can skip this step to end, if you have not occurred this error.

Error: Packages for playonlinux are not found.

It is certainly possible that we need to enable Contrib and Non-free Repositories in our Debian. If you want to install any non-free package maintained by Debian, you need to enable contrib and nonfree repositories. To do so, again we need to head to sources.list in /etc/apt/ folder. (As mentioned in last post, use su to edit sources.list file).

We need to enable the comment line of main and contrib non-free.

This is what it looks like earlier:

Screenshot from 2016-11-07 02:56:35.pngNow, after removing the comments (You may need to add extra-lines, Follow the image ):

Screenshot from 2016-11-07 03:24:07.pngThis is what I have added:

deb jessie main contrib non-free
deb-src jessie main contrib non-free

deb jessie/updates main contrib non-free
deb-src jessie/updates main contrib non-free

# jessie-updates, previously known as ‘volatile’
deb jessie-updates main contrib non-free
deb-src jessie-updates main contrib non-free


Save it. Now, you can easily install any non-free package. As in our case, playonLinux.

Now run : 

$ sudo apt-get install playonlinx

Screenshot from 2016-11-07 03:03:43.pngPress Y to confirm, and it will install your playonlinux.

You now have playonlinux ready on your system.Screenshot from 2016-11-07 03:31:33.png









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