How to do web scraping in Java – Part I

Web scraping is exciting. I never really used it, until I needed it for one of my projects.

We will be using Java in this tutorial to get the data from the internet. We will using a library called – Jsoup to get the job done.

Step I : (Creating the project)

  • Create a new “maven” java project, maven because – it is easy to add external dependency in the project.
  • Create a new class, say Scrap – and add the main() function.
    • public static void main(String[] args){}

Step II : ( Integrating Jsoup in the project )

  • Now, to use jsoup, go to its site – Go, to its download section and copy the dependency –
    • dependency>
        <!-- jsoup HTML parser library @ -->
    • Build the project.
  • Head back to your project. In the project files, named – pom.xml. Add a tag <dependencies> </dependencies> and paste the jsoup dependency in it.


Step 3 : (Understanding the webpage structure )

I have made a video – for better understanding of the webpage structure.

You can see the video here.  – 

We will end this part till here. In the next part, we will know how to use Jsoup to get the data out from the internet down to your computer.



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